Live Security Platinum Virus

Live Security Platinum Scanner

Live Security Platinum Fake Scanner

Another masqueraded computer threat that fools users into believing that it is a McAfee virus scanner that claims to detect numerous viruses on your computer and for you to get them removed you need to provide your Credit Card number to activate the full version. Not surprisingly, the threat doesn’t stop at this point, but it downloads other viruses, Trojans and spyware to join the party and feast on the infected computers’ resources and data.
Oh! But it does not STOP here.
Furthermore, as a survival
technique the virus disables the windows task manager and stops any .exe file from running rendering your system defenseless.
Luckily, many anti-viruses have released updates to detect and remove the threat before it spreads.

Please ensure that your computer is running strong updated anti-virus software to avoid such dilemmas.

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