The 3 Miracles Twitter can do for your Small Business

For many years now Twitter had proven times and times again how powerful and superior it is when it comes to social media and internet marketing. There is no doubt that Twitter has gained its reputation by constantly providing a variety of tools that help its users achieve exciting and measurable successes. Obviously there is no better proof than the increased popularity and praise Twitter receives from the media and the communities involved.

Not long ago Twitter has celebrated its 6th birthday with 140 Million users and 340 Million tweets per day and the numbers are growing at an enormous rate, a smashing success no other social media platform even dreamed of in such a short time.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

You may say:”what is that got to do with my business?”, well when you consider using a new tool you want to make sure that it will generate the expected results before you invest your time and money in it, I’m sure you will agree to that.

So what should you expect from marketing your small business on Twitter?

1- Exposure and increased awareness of your brand.

Twitter provides a venue for your small business to market itself among 140 million users many of which fall into your target market category. Those prospects you may never been able to reach any other way, or if you were able to approach them using other means Twitter gives you an additional mean for your brand to be in front of them and stay “Top Of The Mind” which increases the chances of converting them to customers.

2- An opportunity to engage with your prospects and customers.

By being active on Twitter and connecting with users that fit your target market you can share with them articles and blog on topics related to your products, you can answer their questions and position yourself as an expert in that field therefore gain their trust and boost your chances of selling to them.

Another great thing to do is to ask for their feedback to better understand your market and fill in any gaps they tell you about.

3- Keep a close eye on your competition.

Twitter has made it very easy for us since you don’t need permission to follow any account, so go ahead and follow your competitors, monitor their activities see how they tweet and interact on Twitter, you can also check who is following them they might be some of your prospects go ahead and follow them and initiate contact, you should also check who your competitors are following they might be your industry leaders that provide information vital to your business.

The benefits are magnificent and the results are very promising. Not having this tool in your internet marketing toolbox may prove very expensive specially when your competitors are in the game full speed ahead.

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